Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Switches to Local Fiber Internet and Data Center Provider


When Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) learned that Heartland Technology was adding fiber internet service along Airline Highway in Waterloo, it was an opportunity to look at changing providers. 

Along with their IT consultants, VGM Forbin, AHT evaluated their options and decided to make the switch to Heartland Technology fiber internet. They also took the opportunity to revisit their on-premise data storage and decide to make the move to Heartland Technology’s data center

Commercial Fiber Internet

Previously, Advanced Heat Treat was using another internet service provider (ISP) but the service they were getting left something to be desired. 

“We weren’t happy with the service we were getting, but we didn’t have a lot of options,” said Jason Essmann, IT Manager at Advanced Heat Treat Corp. “I learned that Heartland Technology was adding service in the Airline Highway area, where both of our Waterloo locations are. Our contract period was coming due, so we started our research.”

Because both of AHT’s Waterloo locations are along Airline Highway, in Heartland Technology’s service area, they were able to switch both facilities to our high-speed business fiber internet. Essmann was excited about Heartland Technology’s fiber speeds most of all, but also our uptime and customer service.

AHT still uses another provider for their secondary backup line for now. “We’re a 24/7/365 shop, and no ISP can guarantee 100% uptime, so we need backup to ensure continuous connectivity,” said Essmann. 

“We’re really happy with the fiber speeds, uptime, install process, and customer service with Heartland Technology,” he said.

Enterprise Data Storage

Because AHT runs a large data storage infrastructure and takes data privacy very seriously, Heartland Technology connected them with VGM Forbin, which offers IT consulting services to businesses. 

AHT has been hosting all of their data on premise in local servers, and when they learned about Heartland Technology’s data center, it made sense to evaluate that option alongside the fiber internet switch. 

“We knew we didn’t want to use cloud hosting because we take data privacy and security very seriously at AHT,” said Essmann. “We wanted an option that allowed us to know where our equipment is, control our equipment and data, and access it when needed. Plus, the cloud estimates for our infrastructure were very expensive without any added benefits.”

After evaluating options with Forbin and looking at remaining on premise, moving to the cloud, or moving to a local data center, AHT determined that moving to the Heartland Technology data center was their best option. They wanted to control and access their equipment and data while removing some of the on-prem costs and responsibilities. 

“We like having a local option to offer our clients alongside cloud hosting,” said Nick Dideriksen, Director of Business Technology at VGM Forbin. “The data center provides local access, and we like being able to help our clients make the best decision for them.”

AHT’s move to the Heartland Technology data center is still in progress. They have a good sized, enterprise-level IT infrastructure, so they’re moving methodically to make sure the move goes smoothly. It’s a long, complex process, but they’re working with Forbin and Heartland Technology to make it happen. 

Working With a Local Data Center

Advanced Heat Treat has high standards for the vendors they work with. They like that Heartland Technology is local and has a focus on quality customer service. 

“The Heartland Technology team is willing to work together if there are issues,” said Essmann. “They understand what they’re good at, the customer service is great, and they’re good people who care about their customers.”

“We have a good partnership with Heartland Technology,” said Dideriksen. “We have complementary skills and the same customer-focused values.”

Businesses around the Cedar Valley looking for data storage and fiber internet options can reach out to us for information and pricing.