Businesses Along Airline Highway in Waterloo Upgrade Fiber Internet


Businesses on Waterloo’s Airline Highway, on the north side of town, now have access to reliable, high-speed, secure fiber internet connectivity.

HTDC Airline Highway fiber internet Map

Heartland Technology Data Center (HTDC) is now providing high-speed fiber internet to several businesses along Airline Highway in Waterloo, Iowa, with the infrastructure to add new businesses and expand the service footprint. 

Businesses in this area of Waterloo were experiencing spotty service, long downtimes, and less-than-ideal customer service. With new underground fiber lines, including redundant routes, HTDC can now offer its high-speed, full-bandwidth, 99.99% uptime fiber internet to local businesses. 

So far, businesses that have switched have been happy with the installation process, connectivity uptime, and HTDC’s customer service. 

“We were in need of a fast and reliable internet service. Our other provider could be down for hours to days,” said Nick Crow, Manufacturing Engineer at Accurate Gear & Machine, Inc., which recently switched to HTDC fiber internet. “If the internet is down, so are some of our services and tools we need to operate. This ultimately can cost us time and money.”

Since switching to HTDC fiber internet in Waterloo in the summer of 2022, Accurate Gear & Machine has been able to maintain its operations without interruption, according to Crow.

airline highway waterloo iowa fiber internet
Heartland Technology Data Center (HTDC) team member connecting fiber infrastructure to a business on Airline Highway.

Many of the businesses on Airline Highway do critical work in manufacturing, transportation, and more. Expensive internet that isn’t reliable costs more than just the monthly invoice. 

We had been getting spotty service from our previous provider and had issues with the internet dropping,” said Dan Thiltgen, General Manager at Grask Peterbilt. “Saving money is just a no brainer, but everything we do is internet based and having a reliable network is paramount to our growth.”

Accurate Gear & Machine, Grask Peterbilt, and other businesses located on and near Airline Highway can now connect to the world with a fast, reliable fiber internet connection. 

They can also rest assured they have a local customer service team at the ready if any issues do arise. 

Local Customer Service

Heartland Technology Data Center (HTDC) is located in Jesup, Iowa, just 20 minutes from Waterloo and Cedar Falls. Because we’re local, we can be on site quickly in the case of an emergency, and we care about the businesses in our community. 

“The team is efficient, reliable, and very responsive whenever I reach out. The communication is great,” said Crow.

“There was great communication all the way through,” said Thiltgen. “A lot of times working with a smaller homegrown company offers better communication and follow up. The HTDC crew were just great in all facets of doing business with them.”

We know how important internet connectivity is to businesses. We take care to set up redundant routes to maintain service in the event of an issue, and we make sure every customer gets every bit of bandwidth they pay for.

If you’re a business near Airline Highway, or want to talk about bringing fiber internet to your locale, let’s connect.