About our phone services

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A local number and 911 access are included in all phone plans. Other options are available for nominal fees.

Our Phone Plans

Telephone Hookup – $30 + tax



Phone service includes:

Phone service add-ons:

Call Waiting
Only $1.50/mo

Caller ID
Only $3.00/mo

Caller ID
on Call Waiting
Only $1.00/mo

Call Forwarding
Only $1.50/mo

Call Forwarding on Busy Signal
Only $1.00/mo

Basic Voicemail
Only $4.50/mo

Unlisted Suppressed Number
Only $3.00/mo

Long Distance options available

Additional Add-ons Available

Please call for more information

Phone service includes unlimited local calling and 911 services. Advertised monthly rate does not include charges for long distance or local toll calling. Advertised monthly rate does not include all taxes, fees, and other charges.  Rates subject to change.

Accessibility & Assistance Programs

Heartland Technology offers phone payment assistance to customers who have met eligibility criteria as established by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) through a program called Lifeline. To learn more about the program and to apply, visit their websites or contact us with any questions. 

Telephone Complaint Procedures

If you have a complaint concerning your telephone service, please ask to speak with the board of directors.

If Heartland Technology does not resolve your complaint, the service may be subject to state regulation. Analysts in the Customer Service Department of the Iowa Utilities Board respond to public inquiries made by telephone, email, and written correspondence regarding utility activities or complaints about utility service for which the Board has jurisdiction.  

If you are unable to resolve issues with your utility service provider or have questions about utility service rules and requirements, the Board’s Customer Service staff will assist you. Customer Service staff are available from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, not including official state holidays. You may contact the Iowa Utilities Board, Department of Commerce, 350 Maple St., Des Moines, IA 50319 or call 515.281.3839 or toll free 877.565.4450. 

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