Do You Trust Your Data Storage Provider? Do You Even Know Them?


In 2010, only 2 zettabytes of data were generated globally. Since then, the amount of data we generate has increased exponentially and this growth won’t stop anytime soon.

Image via Exploding Topics

It’s no coincidence that 2010 is also the year that marks the advent of cloud storage: we needed a housing solution for all this data and, ideally, we needed it to be cheap. 

In the meantime, we got accustomed to producing massive amounts of data and we started to realize that finding a house for it is not as simple as it looked. And that price shouldn’t be the only criterion for choosing one storage option over another.

A lot of companies are fleeing the cloud and opting for other storage solutions, as they have come to realize that scalability, security, and data access are so far removed from them that their data might as well be stored in actual clouds. 

While these are all excellent reasons to look for alternatives to cloud storage, there are two other reasons that too few people talk about, trust and customer service.

What Does it Take to Trust Your Storage Provider?

At Heartland Technology, we proudly serve Midwest companies that want better access to their data, real scalability, and better security—even in sensitive industries like finance and healthcare. 

We take pride in our customer service, and our customers like that they know where their data is stored and can reach a person when they call for help. Here’s why customers trust us as a local data center.

1. You Know Exactly Where Your Data Is Stored

With cloud storage, you rarely know where the facility is. Even if you know, it doesn’t really help you—more often than not, especially in the case of cheap storage, the facility is in a remote location halfway across the world.

This means that, if your internet connection is down, you’ll have no way to access your data. Worse yet, in case of a security breach, figuring out what happened is next to impossible.

With a local storage provider, you always have access to your data. Yes, even in the middle of the night. If you’re a Midwest company, the Heartland Technology facility is just a drive away.

2. Local Storage Providers Offer On-Prem Security 

Cloud security can be lacking, and the fact that you can’t physically safeguard your data is a problem in itself.

At Heartland Technology, we hire top security experts to make sure our clients’ data is safe from both cyber and physical attacks. Plus, you can always conduct your own assessment of how your data is stored and handled since you’re nearby. You don’t have to take our word for it.

3. Customer Support Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought 

If you’re thinking about migrating your data to a new storage provider, always assess their customer support before signing the contract. This may seem like a non-essential feature—at least until you truly need someone to pick up the phone.

Support is usually spotty with cloud storage providers, especially if you’re not on their top pricing plan or have a dedicated account manager. Phone support is rarely an option and email support is very, very slow and typically not operated by experts.

At Heartland Technology, you know someone will always pick up the phone. This is one of the benefits our current customers love the most—they know they won’t be on hold for ages, and they’ll get to talk to someone who can help them figure out their issue.

Plus, when your data is local, you can benefit from in-person support too.

4. It’s Easier (and Safer) to Trust Storage Providers You Know 

When you work with a cloud storage provider, odds are you’ll never meet their team, not even on a call. The unclear whereabouts of their facility and, hence, your data doesn’t help with trust building either.

With a local storage provider, things are completely different. You can meet us in person or schedule a video call to get to know who’s in charge of keeping your data safe and sound. 

If you’re in the Midwest and looking for a data storage or colocation provider you can trust, schedule a tour of our state-of-the-art facility. We encourage these visits because we think it’s natural for you to want to know where your most digital assets live.

Not in the mood for a visit? Call or email us anytime, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.