Private Fiber Networks: The Ultimate in Security and Connectivity


Fiber optic internet connections rely on much newer technology than broadband internet or copper cable, but the rapid growth of this market is a clear sign that fiber networks are here to stay. More and more businesses ditch the monthly bill in favor of investing in their own private fiber networks.

A few years ago, private fiber was a perk reserved for large companies with huge infrastructure budgets. But the increase in adoption, along with the developments in technology, have made owning your private fiber network affordable for businesses of all sizes.

Why are companies making the switch? What are the main draws of private fiber networks? How can you pivot to this technology quickly and affordably? Let’s find out!

Why Make the Switch? Top Benefits of Owning Your Private Fiber Network

At Heartland Technology Data Center, we have helped dozens of Midwest companies switch to their very own private fiber network. For most of them, the cost savings alone were enough to make this change worth it. However, there is more to private fiber lines than the financial argument:

Open up Your Internet Provider Options

Most fiber optic installation contracts come with rigid terms and hefty penalties if you decide to leave the network before the contractual period ends. This is vendor lockdown at its finest.

When you own your line, on the other hand, you can choose the carrier you want to work with. Since the network is your own, you will get a more flexible contract that you can change anytime your business has new needs.

Strong Connectivity and Better Speeds

Technical faults and slow internet connectivity affect employee productivity. Slow upload and download become a thing of the past when you own your fiber network—and so do downtimes.

Private fiber comes with symmetric speed, which means that your upload and download speeds will be equal. While this advantage may not seem like much, it’s certainly beneficial to a lot of departments in many companies: web and graphic design, financial and accounting, IT—all of the employees in these fields regularly use both upload and download.

Better Security

The average cost of a data breach is $8.3 million. Cybercrime is on the rise and so are private fiber networks. Coincidence? Not at all! Hackers can easily tap into public internet networks, but not into private fiber. They would have to physically cut it, which is not an easy feat.

Owning your fiber network comes with an additional layer of security: you don’t share your internet with your neighbors or other businesses and you can easily consolidate your security measures.

This is why private fiber networks are so popular with highly regulated industries. Organizations in the financial and healthcare fields, for example, can benefit a lot from the inherent security upgrade that comes with making this switch. 

Reliability and Full Control

What good is speed if the connection itself is unreliable? Private fiber optic networks reduce downtimes to a minimum so you can be sure that your business is connected no matter what. The Heartland Technology Data Center has earned our SOC 2 certification and we’re a Tier III ( with Tier IV power) facility, so you know we take uptime seriously. 

Better yet, you have full control over your network, so you can say goodbye to throttled bandwidth limitations or inconvenient downtimes due to network maintenance.

Scalability and the Opportunity for New Revenue Streams

Private fiber networks aren’t just more affordable than being tied to a large carrier. They also come with better cost control and no yearly rate increases. When your business grows, your network can easily grow along with it.

Moreover, you can add extra bandwidth that you can sell or lease back to providers or other businesses. This way, you can easily add another revenue stream and pad your bottom line.

Affordable and Flexible Private Fiber Network Installation for Iowa Businesses

The benefits of owning your very own private fiber network are clear. Still, making the switch seems like a daunting task. And for good reason! You need to put together a list of specifications, design the network, perform countless tests, and so on. 

We know that very few companies have the IT staff that can handle such projects in-house. This is why Heartland Technology Data Center offers a turnkey service that can get your business up and running on its own private fiber network in record time and with zero hassle. 

We are ideally located in Jesup, Iowa, so we can cater to eight major metropolitan hubs. Our unique position enables us to deliver fiber connections across more than one state and offer affordable first-class internet services.

More importantly, when you work with Heartland Technology Data Center you get 24/7 local support and your choice of top carriers from across the country. Unparalleled flexibility, security, reliability, and performance will all be part of your new private fiber network.

Want to learn more about our installation process and how you can leverage all the benefits above and many others? We’re just a phone call or a click away!